Systems integration

Lebacom can help its customers identify the right solution for their unique needs and is able to provide turnkey solutions satisfying their digital Audio and Video development needs. Lebacom services aren't limited to the design and supply of the systems, but also a full capability to install, test, commission, operate and maintain these systems on customers' sites. Lebacom is accredited with major international companies such as: Imagine Communications - GatesAir - Jampro - CPI - SAM - EVS - Harmonic - Vislink - Sony - Fujinon - Evertz - Canford - Grass Valley - Autocue - Autoscript - Sachtler - Vinten - Canare - Clearcom and many other international Companies.

Lebacom's systems porfolio include:

- Radio & TV Studios (News, Production & Transmission)

- Professional Audio and Video Studios (all types and applications)

- Mobile Studios which are better known as OB-Vans

- Satellite Earth Stations / Satellite Up-links (both fixed and mobile DSNG)

- Microwave Link Systems (STL - Studio to Transmitter Link) for both Television and Radio Applications

- TV & Radio Broadcasting / Transmitters

- Radio & TV Transmitting Antennas and Towers